Sticky Sexy Smokey Grilled Pineapple

Fresh Pineapple
1 Banana (very ripe)

Dark Brown Sugar
Pure Vanilla Extract
All Spice Berry


Spiced Rum

Start your glaze by adding your very ripe banana and some spiced rum into a blender and puree until it is the consistency of baby food, add some pure vanilla extract and one small freshly ground allspice berry while blending. Add more rum as needed, especially to you.

Now place 2 cups of dark brown sugar into a sauce pan with enough water to cover it and bring to a boil and reduce the heat to medium. Now add the banana/rum mixture, stirring frequently, reduce the liquid volume by about a third. After this cools to room temperature place it in a squirt bottle, it should be about the same viscosity as room temp maple syrup.

I like to cut my pineapple into planks about the size of an ice cream sandwich, this size seems to hold up better to the grill and lets you get some good char on the outside while keeping the center al dente.

Now with your well seasoned grill preheated to 500º carefully lay down the plank and let it sizzle for about two minutes, then flip and drizzle some of the glaze on, grilling for another two minutes. Reduce the heat to 300º and continue turning and applying glaze to build up a nice sticky, smoky, sexy glaze. Remove when your happy.

Serve with anything... Especially homemade vanilla ice cream... (drool)

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